Debora Vernagallo


“Ogni essere emerge da non si sa dove, lancia il suo piccolo grido e scompare senza lasciare traccia” 

-Emil Cioran, Quaderni 1957-1972

"One day, I can't say when, I realized that I had started to photograph myself in an almost obsessive way, but I couldn't stop..."
Debora Vernagallo photography is a constant research. The self-portrait translate into images the anatomy of consistency: the untold becomes representation of something that can be seen, explained..

The privileged themes in Debora's fragments are form and absence, presence and absence. The body is thing among things, it is look and looked at at the same time. Body object, body matter, silent attempt at speech. From her mouth the words come out shapeless, illegible and transparent in a constant and almost obsessive request. Here, too, as in his book, the endiades Eros and Thanatos are repeated, in an anonymous room that is a chasm.

In her shots she is not there even though she is always the subject portrayed. It is practically impossible not to perceive the effort, a perpetual motion that attempts to grasp the presence without ever touching it, almost like a guest observer who finds herself documenting an absorbed, phagocytized figure. A foreign body in space, sometimes austere, that gives the impression of having been thrown away, in a way that is never random. In many shots the body is collected, almost as if to protect itself from further offense. Rarely the face is discovered. Sometimes her images give the impression of a game of contact and collapse between space and light, void and shadows. A convulsive, almost obsessive desire as she herself discovers over time, which nevertheless leads to getting lost, without ever missing a bitter caress.

Debora Vernagallo alias Sophie Germano was born in Asti in 1990. She discovers in the hardest years the art as self-therapy. She so starts to write, then she discovers photography. A journey who leads her to fall in love with words and images who soothe and burn at the same time. The therapy turns into passion, life really begins after it’s over. In 2019 her first book “Si vive solo due volte” see the light. Years and years of notes about her “first life” are put together in a sort of travel diary which is not only a testimony of a survivor but also a warning to remember that “you only live twice”, as the title says.

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